Bearing Lubrication

Lubrication has a very important role for both extending the life of a bearing and increase its performance. By lubricating a bearing, the relative moving parts are separated to one another which are balls or rollers and raceways. The reason to lubricate a bearing is to prevent wear and minimize the friction. Through this protective lubrication film, it also helps to resist the bearing against overheating, corrosion, moisture and the ingress of contaminants.

There are three types of bearing lubricants :

Oil: Oil lubricated bearings are resulted by higher speed capability and less running torque.

Grease : Since grease also includes the oil, it has the same characteristics as the oil lubricated bearing. In addition to that, it shows more performance than the oil since it also includes some protective additives against overheating,antioxidants, anti-wear, extreme pressure fortifiers,etc.   

Solid films : It is used in unusual conditions where grease or oil cannot be a solution.

It is generally decided to be used by the engineers according to the specific applications. By this lubrication, a bearing can achieve the maximum operating speed and is sometimes applied for miniature bearings.

Once lubricant selection is the subject, it is certainly necessary to take into account the temperature, speed, working conditions, loads, etc.

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