Bearing Tolerances

Once bearing tolerances are in the subject, it refers the following 3 pillars: 

1) External dimensional accuracy

Allowable error limits for bore diameter, outside diameter, width, assembled bearing width, chamber, and taper.

2)Machining accuracy

Allowable variation limits for outside diameter and raceway width or wall thickness.

3) Running accuracy

Allowable limits for bearing run out.

Since these pillars have the international definitions, Belgo Bearings also use these international references e.g :

  • Tolerance class 4 = Belgo Bearings tolerance class P4
  • Tolerance class 0 = Belgo Bearings class P0

It is very common that many bearings are manufactured according to the P0 unless it is not specified in other tolerance standard. In terms of the production of our Belgo Bearings, we have capability to manufacture our bearings in other tolerance classes as well.