Packaging machinery plays a very important role in the packaging industry and bearings as the key components of the packaging machineries. Belgo® Bearings in packaging Industry are mainly used in pallet wrappers, banding machines, strapping tools, packagers and wrappers.

With technical exploration in the industry and decades of technical experience in the field of equipment manufacturers and end users, Belgo® Bearings provide you with a comprehensive solution to reduce economic losses due to bearing failure.

Belgo® Bearings are largely used in the following applications:

  • tube-filling machines
  • packaging machines
  • filling machines
  • fitness machines

Belgo® Slewing Ring Bearings :

They have mainly large diameter and thin sections which require strict process control and are applied in many machines on the bottling line, including ovens, blowing machines, labeling machines, washing machines, filling machines, capping machines, etc.

Benefits :

  • Light weight
  • Built-in mounting holes for easy installation
  • Controlled axial and radial run-outs
  • Low and constant rotational torque

We provide our Belgo® Slewing bearing with special four – point contact ball.

Ø  Belgo® Slewing Ring Bearings for Bottling machines, external gear teeth

Ø  Belgo® Slewing Ring Bearings for Bottling machines, internal gear teeth

Ø  Belgo® Slewing Ring Bearings for Bottling machines, without gear teeth

In addition to our Belgo® Slewing Bearings, we have also various shapes and specifications of mounted ball bearing units, non-lubricated bearings in wide application temperature in order to ensure your long-term and smooth operations.

If you have special design requirements, please kindly contact us and we will quickly design and deliver you our high quality products according to your needs.