We provide custom solutions for the special service needs of our customers and offer packaging options in order to meet the stringent requirements of our diverse customers.

Our objective is to insure that your products are preserved and protected that you finally receive your products as ordered.

In this perspective, we have several options to offer our customers such as;

Individual Box 

Bearings are individually bagged in plastic, foil or brown paper bags and then placed in individual boxes. We label each box depending on your requirements. 

Vial Pack 

We pack our miniature bearings in clear plastic tubes. Each vial is sealed and consists of a minimum of 10 bearings and then we label each box depending on your requirements.

Industrial Pack 

We pack the standard bearings in rolls of 10 or more using Poly bags. We label each master carton according to your requirements.

Pill Pack 

We pack our bearings in clear plastic bags which are available in strips of 10 or more “tear off” bags and then we label each bag according to your requirements.

Customized Pack 

Upon your request, we have other numerous options in packing.