Our Belgo® Bearings for the agricultural industry provide the highest level of performance. A perfect knowledge of the sector and of your business needs means that we can provide you with the best solution to meet your requirements.

Thanks to our Belgo® Bearings, which are widely used in different type of agricultural machines such as; disc harrows, rotary harrows, seeders, mowers, balers, etc.

Most of these machines need self-aligning bearings inserts, in sheet metal or cast iron housings, and deep groove ball bearings and we manufacture and supply our bearings for this industry depending on based on the different type of agricultural functions.


Support for packer rolls / roll bar support: ball bearing inserts with triple lip seals + deflector shield  which is highly reliable solution and is approved by the leaders in the field of rotary and disc harrows.

Independent disc harrows: Tailor-made integrated hubs provide you with high performance without the need for maintenance.   


Seed drill disc: 4 point contact ball bearing with triple lip seals, a guarantee of precision sowing and long service life.

Sillage making

Disc mower cutting bar:Double row angular contact GB “Twinline” ball bearing. The world leader in haymaking equipment has used this type of bearing for more than 30 years due to its high speed capability, ease of mounting and in particular for its extreme reliability.   


Baler: Ball bearing insert equipped with an labyrinth seal which offers the best compromise between speed capability and resistance to liquid and solid contamination.

Th Benefits of Belgo® Bearings

Increased service life

We design our bearings to meet the requirements of agricultural equipment: higher speeds on the road, an increase in transmitted power, reduced size (downsizing)

Increased machine performance

Belgo® Bearings can be applied for all types of environments and all types of machine. Improve the performance of your equipment by using products that have been specially designed for each application.

Lower maintenance costs

Our bearings are developed to withstand harsh environments. They ensure greater robustness and reliability. No downtime during periods of intensive work.

In addition to our Belgo Bearings General Product Catalogues, we have also bearings which are specially designed according to their functions in tractor axles and transmissions for agriculture industry

Wheel bearing – rear axles: Tapered roller bearings with an optimized internal design to limit edge loads induced by axle shaft deflections and heavy applied loads.

Drive pinion: Steep angle tapered roller bearings with reduced friction torque to allow an increase in rotational speed.

Gearbox: High performance deep groove ball bearings for increased service life or reduced size (downsizing) with the same useful life as that of a larger bearing.

Wheel Bearing – front axles: Thin section angular contact ball bearings for increased rigidity in confined spaces.

Final reduction planetary gears: large choice of versions of cage and needle roller assemblies suitable for all dimensions and power to be transmitted.