Belgo® Bearings operate in severe environmental and operating conditions with rolling bearings, deep groove ball bearings, spherical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings.

Thanks to our experience in the mining, construction, agriculture, and heavy-duty truck markets, we have the products capable of performing in the dirty, harsh environments of mines and exceeding reliability and life requirements.

One of the toughest industrial equipment applications for bearings is vibrating screens or shaker screens. Belgo® Bearings developed a special line of spherical roller bearings specifically designed for the severe applications found in shaker screens and all vibrating equipment that you could find out the main characteristics of Belgo® Bearings in this industry as here below

  • A solid brass cage that is resistant to vibrations and associated failures
  • Higher standard load rating that enhances bearing life
  • Tighter tolerances that ensure proper operation in vibrating applications

Belgo® Bearings offer complete wheel kits for use on the 10SC and 21SC shuttle cars, available as either a complete kit or components. For conveyor-belt drives, we have a complete line of pillow blocks, as well as a complete line of premium spherical roller bearings. Additionally, for continuous miners, we offer a complete line of case-carburized, tapered roller bearings for use in cutter heads and gathering pots.

From Mining and Processing to Transport Phases, Belgo® Bearings remain at your disposal for your applications ! 

Belgo® Deep Groove Ball Bearings (Series 62; 63 | Design 2ZR and 2RSR)

This type of bearings are mainly used as sealed by dust shields and seals on both sides as well as filling them with grease in order to increase their service life.

Belgo® Bearings Applications in mining industry :

  • Speed reducers (wheel loader)
  • Torque converter (crawler doze)
  • Motors (hydraulic Excavator)
  • Transmission (wheel loader)

Belgo® Bearings Benefits in Deep Groove Ball Bearings :

  • Lowering operating temperature
  • Reduced friction in bearing
  • Reduce abrasion

Belgo® Cylindrical Roller Bearings (Series 02; 03; 22; | Design NU, NJ, NUP)

In mining industry, we mainly manufacture and design them in E and EM series to optimize tension distribution in order to increase high-load capacity which is optimized profile on roller raceways. Belgo® Bearings capability is not limited to the standard solution, could also accommodate higher misalignment through our special internal designs.

Belgo® Bearings Applications in mining industry :

  • Off-highway truck (differential)
  • Hydraulic shovel (Speed reducer, pump)
  • Crawler dezer (Transmission, Torque Converter
  • Cone crusher
  • Wheel loader (Transmission)

Belgo® Bearings Benefits in Cylindrical Roller Bearings :

  • Increase of load ratings
  • Reduced contact pressure
  • Increased life rating
  • Improved lubricant film formation
  • Working temperature up to 150°C
  • Reduced friction in bearing
  • Capability to hold higher axial loads

Belgo® Spherical Roller Bearings (Series 213; 222;223; 230; 231; 232; 239; 240; 241)

Spherical roller bearing play the main role in mining industry by being used in the critical application which also impacts on machine performance. Thanks to our special Belgo® Spherical Roller Bearings that, we design them to achieve maximum lifetime through our duty brass cages and optimized finishing.

By considering the shock loads and heavy conditions, our CA series are mainly preferred by our customers.

Belgo® Bearings Applications in mining industry :

  • Vibrating screen
  • Impact crusher
  • Crawler dozer (Transmission)
  • Jaw crusher

Belgo® Bearings Benefits in Spherical Roller Bearings :

  • Optimum oil film between the contact surfaces
  • Lowering operating temperatures
  • Reduce abrasion
  • Longer life and high rigidity
  • Small values for residual austenite

Belgo® Tapered Roller Bearings (Series 30; 31; 32)

As their main characteristics to accommodate both radial and axial loads, they provide more axial load capacity by having larger contact angle.

Belgo® Bearings Applications in mining industry :

  • Haul truck
  • Impact crusher
  • Electric Shovels
  • Cone crusher
  • Wheel loader (Transmission, Front Axle)
  • Hydraulic Shovel (Motors)

Belgo® Bearings Benefits in Tapered Roller Bearings :

  • Reduced friction in bearings
  • Optimized load distribution
  • Lowering operating temperature