Distributor Network

Belgo Bearing Factories continuously develope its sales network and actively working all over the world

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of our Belgo Bearings and believe that you might meet the following conditions:

  • Belgo Bearings are not yet or not well represented in your specific area;
  • You have detailed knowledge of our branche and of the market in your area;
  • You have a large network of prospects and customers interested in Belgo Bearings;
  • You possess detailed knowledge of our products and applications, or are willing to proactively acquire this knowledge by following training;
  • You are prepared to fulfil an active role in extensively promoting Belgo Bearings in your area (an active web site is a must);
  • You are prepared to share your application knowledge, examples and information with Belgo Bearings for establishing a mutual beneficial relationship;
  • You are commercially (pro)active with a dedicated sales force in place;
  • You are actively involved in marketing your company and Belgo Bearings in your area.

Then please send us your e-mail (distribution@belgo-bearings.com) and apply for the distributorship of our Belgo Bearings !

We are willing to work with you to create a fruitful business together!