Can Making

Belgo® Bearing Factories are specialized in manufacturing high quality bearings for the needs of industrial applications.Thanks to our advanced technology and specialization in bearings, which eventually bring high quality products in affordable prices by specializing many industrial applications which also includes Can Manufacturing Industry.

Thanks to our experienced engineering team who provides our bearings solutions for body makers, trimmers, decorators and necking systems and ensure you cost saving by providing the maximum performance and efficiency with our high technology products.

Specialty Belgo® Cam Followers and Bearings for Canmakers:

Special Bearings for Ragsdale Body Makers:

We provide our Belgo® Spherical Plain Bearingsand Cam Followers for Ragsdale Body Makers and ensure advanced technology for canmakers  

Necker Cam Followersfor Cam Neckersfor Can Neckers:

Belgo® Cam Followers with two rows of cylindrical rollers provide excellent lifetime  to Needle Roller Cam Followers.You could easilyextend your service intervals for the cam followers or roller bearings in your Ragsdale Body Makers.

Spindle Disk Cam Followers for Rutherford and Concord Can Decorators: 

Thanks to Belgo® Spindle Disk Cam Followers, you could also upgrade the performance of your Mandrel Support Arm Cam Followers in your decorator and increase reliability as well as your decreasing maintenance costs in through Belgo® Necker Cam Followers. Available both for Concord and Rutherford Machines.Precision for Dual-Race, Roller Cam.

Keyless Locking Assembly: 

Excellent alternative product as single nut locking devices in your necker which helps you to increase the efficiency in your applications. A keyless locking assembly that directly replaces the single nut bushing used to mount gears in the driveline of the necker. By this way, can makers have safer and easier operations in their applications.

Yoke Rollersfor ANC Can Neckers:

Belgo® Yoke Rollers withtwo rows of cylindrical rollers ensure long lifetime for ANC Can Neckers.

Special Connecting Rod Bearings for Standun Body Makers:

Belgo® Special Spherical Plain Bearingswith extended inner rings eliminate the need for spacers and facilitate theremoval and installation.

Ceramic and Stainless Steel Bearings and Pillow Block Bearings for Pin-Ovens, High Temperature Applications:

Belgo® Bearings ensure high temperature resistance for pin – ovens having high temperature background.(250 C°). Through Belgo® series ; UCP 210 (SS P210 stainless steel AISI304 hollow base), UC 210 Ceramic (white colour ZrO2) and SS F210 stainless steel AISI304 hollow base.