Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered roller bearings are used to accommodate large radial and thrust loads in a single direction and consist of the cup (outer ring) and the cone (inner ring), the tapered rollers (rolling elements), the cage (roller retainer). 

Belgo tapered roller bearings are also available in two and four row versions in order to support axial loads in either direction.

Due to high accuracy pressed steel cage of Belgo tapered roller bearings, these bearings are operated in low heat generation and reduced lubrication. In addition to that, it is used high carbon chromium steel as a material technology.

Single – Row Tapered Roller Bearings

Single – row tapered roller bearings are widely used in many applications and have a cone and cup with the positive roller alignment which can be mounted separately as well as interchangeable.

Belgo single – row tapered roller bearings are available in many series and versions :

302 / 303 / 313 / 320 / 322 / 323 / 330 / 331 / 332

DB : a back to back matched bearing pair

DF : a face to face matched bearing pair

DT : a tandem matched bearing pair

Double – Row Tapered Roller Bearings

Double – row tapered roller bearings have double cups and two single cones and are used to accommodate high loads in both directions especially in gears, reels, rolling mills and adjusting mechanisms. The diameters of double – row spherical roller bearings are indicated in ISO 355. 

Belgo double – row tapered roller bearings are available with the rollers in face to face arrangement (TDO) which contains two outer rings, a double inner ring respectively and in back to back arrangement (TDI) which contains a double outer ring and two inner rings. In term of cage production for this type of Belgo bearings, pressed steel cages are used for small & medium – sized and machined steel or brass for large-sized.

Four – Row Tapered Roller Bearings

Four – row tapered roller bearings are used to accommodate the highest axial loads capacity as well as radial loads in minimum space especially in rolling mill bearing arrangements.

Belgo four – row tapered roller bearings are available in different designs :

TQO : Straight bore four -row assembly with one double cup,two single cups, four rows,one cone spacer, two cup spacers having annular groove and lubrication holes and two double cones including helical groove in bore. They are used in low and medium speed rolling mill applications.

TQIT : Tapered bore four – row assembly with two loose flange rings, two single cones, one double cone, two cone spacers, four pressed steel cages, four rows of rollers, two double cups. They are used in high speed rolling mill applications.