24/01/2022 – Belgo Electro Motor Bearings

Belgo Electro Motor Bearings work perfectly in Textile Industry !

Thanks to our high quality Belgo Electro Motor Bearings which run smoothly in Spinning Mills in Bangladesh ! Go for Revolutionary Engineering with our Belgo Bearings in Maximum Rotation Speeds and high temperatures! You could watch it by clicking here

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1/10/2022 – Update on Our Website

We have just updated our website in 8 different languages !
You could see our new website via the link

08/02/2022- Belgo Industry settled down in Turkey

As Belgium-based company, we are pleased to announce that we also settled down in Turkey thanks to our increasing sales and business activities with our Turkish customers. By being located in Bursa, Turkey, we will be much closer to our local customers and operate our business activities in accordance with Turkish Business and Taxation Law as well. In addition to that, we are also now able to deliver our Belgo Bearings directly from our office & warehouse in Turkey in shorter leading times for both our Turkish customers and EMEA region. Our company in Turkey have been operating its business activities under the name BELGO ENDÜSTRİ RULMAN SANAYİ VE TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ

We are confident that this geographical presence will enhance the awareness of our Belgo Bearings and empower the quality of our services…

28/04/2021 – Belgo Roller Chains

We offer a comprehensive range of roller chains including connecting links, conveyor chains, pin-oven chains (with high-temperature resistance) in accordance with DIN and ANSI standards

22/04/2021 – Belgo Bearings as Made in Europe

Once a bearing factory or company say that we manufacture our bearings in European Production, there also needs to be marking on the bearings as ”MADE IN EUROPE” as a proof, do not trick them, show it to consumers & customers each time and that is what we are doing in our European Production Facilities through our honesty and fair working in the framework of our corporate principles by also certifying our Belgo Bearings as MADE IN EUROPE through Chamber of Commerce in Belgium !